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Our Quality Policy

As Strata, we work to be known as a demanded brand that knows being a brand is more important than making money, and as a brand making its mark. We never make concessions to our perception of quality products and swift service.
Each raw material goes through splenetic inspection from the first entry controls to the end product steps in Strata and each production step is constantly tested by chemical engineers in the high end laboratories to ensure quality.
Raw materials stored in special silos get off-the-shelf without any human interference via automatic control systems.
In our high end facility, each step is controlled; weighted raw materials are transferred to mixers via automatic control systems and they are mixed here for some time in the mixers, then the products are sent to filling machines when the chemical raw materials are added. 
Products are packed in the automatic machines with 100 gram precision and then they are palletized with no hands touched and in the end, they are wrapped up in the stretch hooder machine automatically.
Products transferred to the storage areas are piled here conforming to standards and gets ready for the shipment.